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Everyone who is alive today is going through their own growth experiences and soul challenges. Sometimes how they react to them affects their personality temporarily. It is good to realize this and to know that these little ups and downs have nothing to do with us. As much as possible, don’t take things personally.


Joy Pompeo
Artist Joy Pompeo's website showcases recent works including hand painted acrylic mandalas, watercolor portraits, and absolutely beautiful one of a kind necklaces and earrings.

Alex Grey
Visionary artist Alex Grey's website provides a space to learn, grow and even take home some of his amazing works in the form of cards, books, lithographs, and posters.
Astrology and Tarot by Shellie Enteen offers astrological wisdom and bach flower remedies.

You can chart your course through the Cosmos with the ORBITAL CALENDAR 26" X 38" Poster w/24-page book Includes Mayan/Gregorian Concordance (GMS correlation).
Crystal designs by Debra Gibbs featuring car charms, ceiling fan pulls and gifts.

I Ching Oracle
Free Interactive I Ching Reading on your questions.

Taoism or Daoism
The teachings of Lao Tse and other Tao masters.

Totally Unique Thoughts
This site offers "Notes from the Universe" and "Monday Morning Motivators" that are truly amazing. You fill out a profile with what you intend to manifest in your life and then receive emails that empower you for the whole day. Truly wonderful!

United Metaphysical Church
A wondeful place to attend church and classes for those of you near in West Palm Beach, Florida, but also an informative and educational community for those who can only vist on the web.

Debra Joy Goldman
Debra is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a metaphysical background. She does amazing work in women's healing and is excellent in dream interpretation. Her quarterly newsletter is a treasure trove of helpful information.