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We are eternal souls of Light and we are on a journey. The experience of this existence is a vehicle of education and growth. We were created as a spark of Light from the Divine. We have wandered so far from Our Source, that we have forgotten that we have any Divinity at all. The people we meet and the situations we find ourselves in, present opportunities for us to act from our human or to act from our divine nature.


Where does the information come from when you are giving a reading?

For me, the information comes from many sources. Sometimes I hear it in my head as a thought, sometimes as a voice. I will often see pictures. I also have a sensitivity to your aura and so I see and feel the direction of your energy. When astrology is involved I look at how the transiting planets are interacting with your birth chart and then get a feel for how your personal energy is reacting to conditions.

I have had the good fortune to have wonderful teachers who were not in a physical body. They have been a guiding force in my life, however; they are not present at each reading unless they feel the need to interject something of value.

Love and Light,

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I have been trying to develop my own psychic abilities. How can I tell if I am getting truth or if it is just my imagination?

When I teach psychic development classes, I often ask my students to promise me that for the first six weeks of the classes they will not ask themselves that question. There is a fine line between imagination and getting true information. In the beginning many impressions come in forms , such as a random thought, that can easily be dismissed as imagination. I have been teaching for 40 years and I have never seen a student err in the direction of using too much imagination. Often what happens is true psychic communication is dismissed as imagination.

When you are beginning to get in touch with your psychic ability, the first thing that happens is your logical mind will want to try to take control of the process. It does not like being left out after it has had the power for most of your life. Your psychic impressions often come to you without any logical reason why you know what you know. So in the beginning try to let them come through and not question them.

I would suggest keeping a notebook in which you date your impressions and then also add the date when you either confirmed them as real or found them to be faulty. Over a very short period of time you will find that you are accurate more than you are not.

Love and Light,

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I recently lost my brother to a long term illness. Will he communicate with me? Does he know I think of him? Will we ever see each other again? These are lots of questions, but I wonder what he is going through.

First of all, please let me extend my condolences. It is never easy to be the one who is left behind as a loved one goes on to the higher side of life.

The first thing that will happen is that his energetic needs will be met. He will be greeted by loved ones who are already over there, as well as Beings of Great Light. He will be led to a place where he can recover the energetic ordeal of his illness.

Remember he is pure energy and so he is not limited to stay in any one place. Often the departed come back to see their funerals, to be with loved ones whom they may want to console. If they have a lot of energy, they may try to leave some sign of their presence. (turning a picture over, flicking on a light, making a noise, blowing a cool breeze)

When his energy returns he may go where he wants to go. Don't forget from his point of view he is coming home from school, a school that has been difficult at times. He is reconnecting with familiar and much loved conditions. He won't understand your sadness, or perhaps he will and he will want to reassure you that love is forever and he will be there when you come across.

He will also spend some time reviewing his life. Why did he come? What did he learn? He will also be looking hard at the pattern of cause and effect, not in a judgmental way of right or wrong, but to educate himself and to see if he might want to change things a bit if he gets the opportunity.

It may be very possible for you to communicate with him. I would wait about six months and then contact a reputable medium. Don't just accept any spirit who says he is your brother. Listen to what is said about him and how he responds to you and if there is nothing familiar, take it with a grain of salt and keep searching until you are sure that the spirit who is present was your brother.

But since the greatest bond is between the two of you, don't eliminate the possibility of sitting down and speaking with him yourself and listening for his answers. You may surprise yourself. Especially if you wait about six months until his energy is back to normal. Meanwhile, think of him and send your love. He not only feels it, but he finds it very healing.

Good luck to you.

Love and Light,

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What is this fifth dimensional consciousness that I hear about but don't understand.

We are currently moving from third to fourth dimensional consciousness. Third dimensional consciousness binds us very much to this physical reality. We view things from judgment and react in anger or fear when things don't go the way we want them to. In third dimensional consciousness our intellect is very much in charge. As we absorb fourth dimensional consciousness we find that our intuition is waking up. We know things without having reasons for the knowing.

In fourth dimensional consciousness we are less aware of time, and more focused in the now. We all have the awareness that everything is energy and that the energy is leading us to our highest good so we surrender to the flow. We think more from love and the knowledge that there is an abundance of everything. In third dimensional consciousness there is never enough.

Right now most of us our suspended in between the two. There are definite ways to recognize if you are in mid transformation. As you move more to the awareness of the now, you are less aware of time. You may go into a room and forget why, you may speak from the intellect only to have the process interrupted by the heart and you won't be able to remember what you began to say. You will find yourself eating lighter food, perhaps becoming a vegetarian or at least eating less meat and much less of the denser meats such as pork and beef. Your sleep patterns will be disturbed.

Fifth dimensional consciousness is beyond the fourth and it is the last dimension where we will have a sense of self or separateness, after that we are part of God or part of the I AM. No one living now can tell you what that is like and if anyone came from that dimension it would be difficult if not impossible for them to define their existence in words.

If you have found this website congratulate yourself. Most of the masses are just waking from third dimensional living. You are a Light worker. If you have found this website be gentle with yourself. Growth can be challenging. Shakespeare once said “If Ignorance is bliss, then 'tis folly to be Wise.”

Welcome to Wisdom

Love and Light

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